Sometimes you just have to do it !!!

Do what?

Get up earlier than normal to go and see if you can find a leopard …. That’s what !!

Yip, so this morning I woke my guests up a little earlier than usual, and gave them a 05h15 wake up call to come down to the lodge and have a good cup of coffee, before we set out to look for one of our resident leopards.

The sun was barely poking its head out, when we came across MUNYE… The young male leopard, that you have probably heard of before. He had what was left over of an impala high up in a leadwood tree, and was sitting up there minding his own business before we had arrived. On arrival, he seemed to have spotted something in the distance, and on investigation I noticed some baboons in the far distance ,coming down from their evening ,roosting spot. He showed little interest, but then decided that he was going to move his kill out of the tree, and move it into some thick bush to go and enjoy the rest of his hard earned meal in piece.

After this awesome display of the “PINNACLE” of every safari in all its glory, I decided to go and look for the Mica pride with their cubs further south. After some short tracking session, we managed to locate them all enjoying the morning sunshine, when one of the females, started focusing on something in the long grass to the north of us. It was a herd of impala, that had no idea that the lions were there. Withing a couple of seconds ,one of the lionesses took off east of the impala, with the other 3 females flanking her in a pincer move, which after about 45 minutes of stalking the impala, the grasses exploded into chaos, as the lioness gave chase, and without much effort, plucked the hapless impala out of the air like a rag doll.

We rushed off to get closer to the action, when suddenly the impala took off again, but it was chased down again by the lionesses, and by this time all 4 lionesses were chasing the petrified impala ram. After playing and chasing it for a couple of minutes, the kill instinct kicked in, and the battle for the best part of the impala started !!

For the next 20 mins ,or so, the lionesses ripped into the antelope with little distain, and soon the result was blood filled faces, and the accompanying sound of lions growling at each other as they squabbled for the prize.

The amount of power that emanated from these large cats, was amazing, and created a lot of big eye faces in the back of my vehicle.

But that was not the end, a group of elephants then also decided to join the party, and one elephant managed to chase off some of the lions, and chased it with some serious persistence, all the while the remaining 2 lionesses still fighting for the carcass right next to the vehicle !!




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