Night Shots !!

Night time photography is not something that I have been attempting over the last 18 years in the bush, but last night it all came together, whether it was PURE LUCK, or an educated guess !!

Well…. It worked, and the subjects were also very obliging to my attempt at ” Nocturnal Photos”.

We were sitting with 2 male lions just after sunset, and they started stirring and exiting their deep slumber, when suddenly one of the males stood up, stretched , and then belowed out the loudest roar that I have heard in a long time, and then shortly followed by his brother behind him.

When I got back to my computer to review the images, I was pleasantly surprised at what came out, and with a little bit of TLC in lightroom… these are the results….

Maybe I will try a little more of this … Heheheheheh !!!

Chimbro in the dark 1

Chimbro in the dark 2

Chimbro in the dark 3

Chimbro in the dark 4

Chimbro in the dark 5


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