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The conservation of our natural heritage lies solely in the hands of us humans, and is so sad that we are experiencing the drastic and unforgivable acts of people slaughtering our African wildlife for the misperceived ideas of animal body parts to be used to cure diseases or enhance human performance.

I am talking about the gross killing of our rhinos for their horns.

Their have been over 450 rhinos poached this year (at time of publishing this article) and does not seem as if it will stop shortly, as the demand for rhino horn in the asian communities is still strong. So what is been done about this atrocity? Well, us as nature conservationists we are doing all we can to protect these magnificent animals from becoming extinct in the wild by supporting conservation efforts such as this one we were apart of a couple weeks ago.

Thanks to my frequent returning guests, the Agrizzi family, sponsorship for the capture and microchip implants as well as DNA sampling was carried out on 3 rhinos on this day, as well as the capture of lions with the goal of giving them identifying brands for future monitoring purposes, and this is just a few images showing what we did on this day.

If you are interested in being apart of this, you can by contacting me directly, or the lodge on +27 (0) 82 894 0960, and we can arrange this once in a lifetime opportunity before the rhino becomes extinct !

 A helicopter is used to dart the rhinos from the air, and once the drug takes effect we on the ground move in to ensure they are falling the right way, and start working on the animals.

Here the ears are been notched, and the DNA samples taken.

Measurements are taken of the size of the horns, and a microchip inserted for identification purposes.

The Agrizzi Family after completing their work on this rhino just before the reversal drug is administered .

The rhinos stumbling back to their feet as the reversal drug starts to work.

Myself and Heidi enjoying the amazing moment with a White Rhino !

The lions been branded for identification purposes.



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